At the Butcher’s Market

The people here are very open – they often come up to you and try to have a conversation without any intention of selling you anything. The only problem is, most of them hardly speak any English, so we usually pull out our phones to translate on the fly.

Now and then they even want to take selfies with us, kids preferably using filters that blow up everyone’s eyes in the photo to absurd levels.

There’s a small food market next to the hotel we’re staying at. Apart from fruit and vegetables it also has a large section of life animals. Walking through this area, you hear and see butcher knives hacking at meat all around you, and also very close to you. I was glad I wasn’t wearing a white shirt… Walking through blood in my flip flops felt a bit like a scene from a horror movie.

At one point, we witnessed a fat toad’s escape. Godspeed! Live long and prosper, little buddy!

And yes, they really do sell und butcher dogs and cats here. Eating dog meat is not a widespread thing anymore, but for many it’s still a tradition. Telling them to stop would be just like telling Western people to stop eating pigs. Doesn’t work, trust me. I gave up on this at the age of five. Don’t click on the section below if you’re not comfortable seeing this, seriously!

BYOTP Policy

Random fun fact: Public restrooms are everywhere, and there seems to be an even number of western toilets and squatting toilets. China is all about “Bring your own TP” though, always remember that!


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