Take a Deep Breath


Shallow Water

I nearly booked the wrong place here, because “Korovou Resort” and “Coral View Resort” sounds exactly the same when Fijians speak English. 😅



Hidden Cave

This was great: The only way to get into this pitch black cave was to take a big breath and dive in. Very creepy, but awesome. Especially when you’re the first one in, waiting for the guy with the flashlight.

Random Stuff


  1. I’ll collect thy coins!!11!! 🙂 But you know you cannot have more than 10, right? Safe travels onwards!!

      1. I totally have a coin collection AFK :)) And yes it is — however you can also rely on the pros’ trick to always keep a coin as an item in your inventory, as one cannot hold more than one coin, it’s guaranteed to be something else when you hit an item/’loot’ box 😀

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