Exploding Kitten

First things first: It’s not pronounced Nakula, but Nathula, with an interdental fricative [ð] 🤓. If you say Nakula, nobody understands which island you’re talking about. 😂

My Last Fiji Island

Watching People Work

While I was chilling, this guy walked up to my bure, took off my laundry, and hung it out again with proper clothespins. (And wouldn’t let me help!) That’s the life. 😂

Exploding Kitten

… Moving In, Taking Over My Spare Bed

… Even Got His Own Key

Low Tide

The Island’s Village


  1. What about your Travel tattoos? See nothing on your arms! At minimum a Maori tattoo the whole right arm… 😉

    1. Yeah, as it turns out… no water, no sun, no sweating and no rubbing backpack straps over new tattoos is not compatible with backpacking 😅

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