How Do You Start a Blog?

To be frank, I haven’t figured it out completely yet. Maybe that is what all of this is about.

After a lengthy phase in my life of just studying and working and then studying and working at the same time, I absolutely needed a break. Not only an action-packed three and a half weeks vacation, but a real time out. My initial thought of making it three months quickly turned into something more serious and grew into the idea of taking a whole year off.

For me, this will be the first time traveling alone for more than a few days. I don’t even know if I will enjoy this whole thing at all. 😅 No, seriously. 😱 Yeah, I’m pretty sure I won’t ever regret this step, but I’m also mentally prepared to encounter some unpleasant, not Instagram-worthy things and to deal with negative feelings along the way.

I feel, let’s say, moderately equipped and prepared to start this journey. I’ve spent way more time comparing backpacks and cameras than making actual plans on where to go and what to do during the next twelve months. Guess I’m just sick of making plans after all these years of always trying to be the guy with the plan at work. Not knowing how stuff will go seems a lot more exciting to me right now. And will probably give me more freedom to enjoy life and relax as well as more stuff to write about.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to document something during my journey, but I wasn’t sure whether I was going for a diary or something more public. I’ve never been a fan of social media, I just hate the idea of using Facebook to show the world how awesome my life is, always making sure to emphasize and exaggerate the beautiful things and carefully evading everything else. Sometimes I was even bragging about my last Facebook post being more than 8 years old. Look at me, I knew Facebook would cease being cool even back then!

How about vlogging on YouTube? I have to admit I watch more YouTube than Netflix. I also enjoy making videos. But I just don’t like being in front of a camera a lot.

This brings me back to blogs:

  • No need to stick my face in front of a camera the entire time: check!
  • Photos and videos: check!
  • Exhaustingly long essays about finding oneself: check!
  • The opportunity to release the inner geek in me (again) and spend excessive lengths of time finding workarounds for broken WordPress templates: check!

OK, so this blog is going to be »semi-public« I guess. If you know me and you found this blog – cool! But I won’t try to reach anyone else than the people I know, love and miss… and the people I will hopefully get to know on the way, of course.

I always used to be a somewhat private person, not sharing too much about myself with others. Here, I’ll try the opposite. Not sure how this will go and if it’s going to be worth reading to anyone other than my future self. And maybe my mom. (Hi Mom! 👋 )

Thanks for all the suggestions I got during the last months! Feel free to leave comments on everything down below.

Off to China ☺


  1. So far, great blog! Very anxious to see what’s up next!! Take care, have a blast and enjoy very moment.

  2. First time reading.. sounds exciting! Have a great time David. Enjoy this new experience traveling alone. Take care of yourself..

  3. Hi David.I found your blog,actually it easy to found haha. I like you writing, easy to read and very interesting!!!You can be a photographer.By the way,It was my first time share a room with a man,I can’t imagine it before,i was nervous.But you are very kind roommate.I don`t wonner forget you taught me card game and thanks for your patience.And thanks again waiting for me to snorkeling. I really think may be we never see each other again. But I already subscribe your web. looking forward more Your travel story.Good night,go to bed early, please.I think you are going to hike tomorrow.:)

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