Tortilla Confusion

I’ve had Quesadillas before, of course. And Fajitas, Enchiladas, and Burritos. All kind of similar. Nachos are a different thing. Tacos, too. The Mexican and Central American Tacos are different than ours though – they’re always soft, no hard shells whatsoever!

But have you ever heard of Baleadas? OK, it’s basically the same again, pretty much limited to Honduras. Usually, they’re filled with beans, a special kind of sour cream and cheese. And they can be huge.

Anyway, now you know.

Hot Spring

Meeting Your Fate

A long time ago, these natural hot springs were used in preparations for gruesome rituals: To ease the luckily selected humans who were about to be sacrificed here into their fate, they would spend their last hours in these hot springs, high on drugs, until they felt ready and stopped complaining.

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