Waitin’ at Wet ‘n’ Wild

You wait to get in. You queue up for a locker (and then pay 10 Dollars extra for it). You wait at the fancy digital locker openers. You wait for slides and attractions. If you wanna eat something, you queue. If you don’t identify as male, you also queue up for the toilets. And when the park shuts down, you queue up to pay for your on-ride photos, at the showers and then for the bus to the train station. One of the many things the Brits brought along with them to New Holland.

Apart from that, quite a nice water park!

Slides, slides, slides

Not a slide

Funnel of Doom

More weirdness

Chilled out part of the park

Oh, I also went to Warner Bros. Movie World, the smallest major theme park I’ve ever seen

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