Shape-Shifting Wives

Driving in Myanmar is weird! They drive on the right side of the road, but the steering wheel in nearly all cars and busses is also on the right. Someone must have fucked up big time.

At the border

More than eighty percent of the population are buddhists, plus they believe in spirits. So much that before we entered a special region with our bus, an extra guy got on the bus, sitting down next to the driver. His job was to make sure the driver goes slow in order not to disturb the spirits.

At least there are not many cars on the road

On the way to a village in the mountains

Akhar Village

Our local guide told us this… thing… about the women of these villages: Most people in the villages we visited still believe that their women shape-shift into ogres at night and are only beautiful during the day. That’s why you always have to knock first and wait for the woman to call you in during the night. Weird, huh? I’m wondering if they’re just not used to seeing their wives without makeup or if they confused a viewing of the first Shrek movie with their own heritage.

Meeting the kids

Ann Village

Pssst, I think we’re being followed

House in the making

There was no “NO DRONES” sign, so…

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