Still Alive

Hey there.

Yes, I’m alive. I didn’t get to post anything in a while now, just couldn’t find the time to write stuff down.

I haven’t stayed in the same spot for more than two nights since August 1st. Don’t really miss having my own place and stuff around me though, which is interesting… I was expecting this to feel different, I was expecting to feel restless all the time. Once you get used to constantly being on the road and let go of the comfort of familiar surroundings, you can reach a very peaceful state of mind. So peaceful you forget your plan of documenting the things that are making you feel this way.

(This, plus uploading stuff on a very very bad Wifi connection is one of the most annoying things I’ve experienced in my life. The randomness at which transfers fail, the constant going through texts and image collections, looking for deviations, the bugginess of WordPress, Apple’s assumption that you’re always on a stable, high-speed, unlimited data connection… All of this makes you appreciate stable Internet access and the insane simplicity of platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp or Google Photos even more.)

Long story short: I don’t think I’ll be able to catch up here in the same style that I started with, but there are still so many photos I want to share. So, prepare for some superficial photo posts in the Been-There-Done-That-Style in the next weeks.

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